The future of robot programming starts now!

  • In steelwork, bridge construction and shipbuilding, do you wish to have individual pieces and small batches welded by robots?
  • You think the programming effort is far too high?
  • You have no robot programmers in the company?

Take a quick look at how INSTANTpro IRPS is revolutionizing the market in 3 steps!

A revolution in robot programming

It couldn’t be easier. The Instant Robot Programming System forgoes both online- and offline programming.

How is this possible? It’s quite simple: After a single, quick 3D scan of the workpiece, IRPS automatically consults a learning database to select the suitable material and welding program for the actual dimensions.

On the touch screen, you immediately see what and where to weld. Here you can make changes by finger tip – if necessary at all.

The welding process starts at the touch of a finger on the touch screen – without additional programming. Welding variable one-off pieces has never been so quick or simple.

1 Insert workpieces

  • Provide component with connections and additional sheets
  • Place it on a manipulator or a workbench as desired

2 Scan & check on touch screen

A tap of the finger on the touch screen and the laser scanner recognizes all parts presents them with their actual dimensions graphically on the touch screen and allows the calculated model of the workpiece to be freely rotated and swiveled in space to control all sides and joints.

3 Welding

Another tap of the finger starts the entire welding process!Structure welding robot innovation
Outcome: A perfect welding process and first-class results in no time at all without programming effort.