Automation highlight in steel construction

The end of manual robot programming 

INSTANTpro IRPS is the answer from EXNER Ingenieurstechniek in response to customer requests to weld small series and even one-off parts automatically in the field of steel construction.

  • INSTANTpro IRPS automatically generates a robot program for processing any components
  • For this, the solution evaluates a rapid 3D laser scan of the component and uses the scan result to create a model on the screen
  • The system then recommends appropriate connections from a database of materials and welding processes
  • If necessary, the operator can make changes at any time on the touch screen
  • The database is capable of learning and becomes even more efficient with every welding process
  • After a single finger tap on the "Welding" button, the entire process starts
Current fields of application of the Instant Robot Programming System
  • Steelwork
  • Building construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Shipbuilding

Further fields of application are already in development.

We would be happy to explain which diverse products and materials are suitable for IRPS. We should also discuss the position of the welds, as they must be visible from the outside in order to achieve a correct scan result. Do you have particularly special requirements for fully automatic robot programming? Talk to us, we are looking forward to your project.

Do you still think that the use of robots isn’t economical for you?
We would like to convince you of the opposite! A survey of the EU Commission points out the reservations and concerns that small and medium-sized companies in particular have regarding the automation of welding processes using robots. The results are essentially transferable to most European markets. 

Reason  Companies surveyed in %
Series too small 60%
The process isn’t worth automating   61%
Robots are too expensive 37%
No operators for robots available 27%
Robots are too heavy and too inflexible 23%
Programming takes too long 20%

Source: JRC Scientific and Technical reports “A helping hand for Europe: The competitive outlook for the EU robotics Industry”, Link to source: A helping hand for Europe

Let us show you why most prejudices are no longer valid since EXNER INSTANTpro introduced IRPS to the market.